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Friday, December 3, 2010

Rock and Roll Wrestling Returns to Wapella

Just when you thought Wapella was yawning a bit, the Pro-Wrestling Great Rock and Roll Buck ZumHofe is bringing his Rock and Roll Wrestling Circus back to town at The Irish, December 10, 2010 Tickets $8.00 in advance $12.00 at the door..

Here's Buck answering few questions:

Q: Greatest Wrestling Achievement

A: I guess being the Texas Tag-Team Champion, but even more being the AWA Light-Heavy Weight Champioin not once, not twice, but three times and then actually retiring with the belt.

Q: Favorite Opponent

A: The Weasel, I suppose.

Q: Favorite Tag-Team Partner

A: Teto Santana

Q: Best Wrestling Moment

A: Wrestling with Andre The Giant against Bobbie Heenan and Kent Patera in the St. Paul Civic Center; 35,000 people chanting Rock n Roll...BEBE!

Q: Worst Wrestling Moment

A: One time in the end of my match, I was going to do my handstand, went to fast and actually tippped out head over heals over the top rope and hurt myself.

Q: Advice to someone just getting started

A: If you want to really do this, it has to be in your heart or you will never ever make it.

Q: Wrestling Goals

A: Every night that we here at Rock n Roll Wrestling put on a will be the best possible show, every show, every night.


Big question, Buck brings on a Midget Wrestling Competition as well. Would any of Wapella's finest get in the ring as sort of an Andre the Giant vs. Buck's team?

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