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Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIP MIchael Jackson 1958-2009

Michael Jackson has died at age 50.

Hailing from Gary, Indiana doesn't help you much in Motown or Hollywood, so the Jackson 5 took it on their own to be the biggest names ever in the music biz. Michael Jackson, the lead singer of the Jackson 5 had some atrocious behavior better fit for a carnival than for a music fan, yet there was something about the basic tunefulness of anything that Michael Jackson put to record that defined music to the ears.

It was good enough to remember Michael as the highly charged lead of the Jackson 5, but he went on to be literally the King of Pop, owning both the publishing side (including the Beatles rights) and the hits that kept him in the charts well past his brothers. I'll set aside the bizarre behavior, chimp acts, and home based carnivals for one more take at "I Want You Back" which turned 1969 over from the all-to-dour 60's into the 10x more chipper 70's.

Here's MJ +4 with a couple of other greats of the game in a 1972 (?) TV special. Two points if you can pick out the special guest stars.

RIP Michael Jackson.


Anonymous said...

Bill Cosby and Tommy Toohill?

Anonymous said...

No offense to MJ, but I think Al would agree that our thoughts should be more focused on mourning Farrah's passing. RJT

Anonymous said...

Three Icons in one week--Ed McMahon, Farrah and Michael.

sempleman said...

Don't forget Sky Saxon of The Seeds (Pushin' Too Hard).

Anonymous said...

Right on rjt, ff more of a favorite at Wapella. Where are your priorities Powers?


Anonymous said...

I think Garland had a FF t-shirt right about the time he was working at Long John's in Clinton. FF tee and working at Long John's - what a dream combination! bbd

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
Greetings from Funabashi, Japan!
Last night, a very important guest came to my house. When he came into the living room, all the TV shows here in Japan were broadcasting ''Michael, we all miss you!'' type of 'special' programs. So what, you might like to say, but that's what really happened.
My important guest alerted me to link to this important web site, which I now do.

Best wishes to all Wildcats of Class of 1980!

Your classmate YK !

Anonymous said...

How about a little censorship? Good stuff gets kicked out. Why does tripe stay on?

We could fix the tripe with a good old fashion country whoopin'. Ready to bring it on.

E T Bass

Anonymous said...

Good stuff?
There hasn't been any good stuff since the fiat fiasco.

Anonymous said...

So we all agree to punish John if he does not post the Farrah poster?

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