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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Riddle Me This, Dear Reader! New Quiz

Here are three big names in 20th century Wapella.

1) Raymond "Buddy" Ryan
2) Carl Dean Thorp (II)
3) Scott Harold

What is the thread (more like a heavy cord) that forever connects these 3? Fringe Agriculturalists is not an acceptable answer.

Ryans, Thorps and Harolds are disqualified from entry into this lucrative quiz. Winner gets a picture of John Astin emailed to them.


Anonymous said...

They were all good looking in their day.

Anonymous said...

Movie Star Looks?

Anonymous said...

Big Smiles?

Danny Freedom said...

R.E.M. fans?

ATD said...

All three lived in the same house at different times in Wapella, Illinois. I want a different prize that what you offered.

Anonymous said...

You could add these men to that list also:

Tim R.
Todd R.
CDT. Jr.
Brian H.
Greg H.

Anonymous said...

What about BJ?

JBP said...

Also all 3 lived in different houses at the same time the corollary to the previous post.


Anonymous said...

B J never lived there.

Anonymous said...

Any chance that the and its strong Demo connection can get that house turned into a state park and/or historic site? I'd be willing to work as a docent.

As an aside, were sideburns part of the equation?


Anonymous said...

We will move it to Weldon Springs.

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