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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Harvey Korman, Comic Genius, RIP

6ft 4in tall, in his stocking feet, as tall as John Wayne or Dan Marino (or Fidel Castro), and certainly taller than his comic partner Tim Conway, Harvey Korman still had more comedy inch for inch than any TV funnyman of the last 60 years. Doing a drag act, song and dance, ethnic schtick, a perfect spill take, or just playing it straight, Harvey Korman made the Carol Burnett show funny, and added some full bodied humor to such rolls as Heddy Lamar in Blazing Saddles.

Born in Chicago, Korman was in show business for nearly 65 years. Harvey Korman, may you rest in peace.


Anonymous said...

May you RIP Harvey. One of the funniest human beings ever, you would have fit in nicely with the folks of Hog City.

Anonymous said...

that one hurts....great talent...bbd

Anonymous said...

A definite big loss here.
R.I.P. Harvey.

Anonymous said...

He was one of my favorites on the Carol Burnett show. Glad he didn't sing--but he had a full dose of comedy DNA.


Anonymous said...

Great line from Harvey (paraphrased)....."It takes a certain type of person to be a featured television star....I didn't have whatever that is...give me something bizarre to play or put me in a dress and I'm fine." bbd

Anonymous said...

Uncle Matt said it best. "how did he do such wonderful stunts with such little feet?"

our blazing saddles thanksgiving days will never be the same

"i am through being Mr Goodbar"

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