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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Who Dat Talking About Magic Numbers?

Those old Cubs are at it again, breaking hearts in two, and looking for some love, Miami-Style. Perhaps David Caruso lured them down to Miami to solve some crimes, but the Fish are definitely asking for the Cubs to bring down an old fashioned '68 style police thumping to get them to give it up.

Can those Cubs solve the pennant mystery? And speaking of mysteries, the logo on the left is an original Chicago logo, used until recently for one of the greatest places in Downtown Chicago. What is this recently retired logo from?


jmk said...

Bring on the billy goat and the black cat.

EEP said...

Good to see STL helping out the cause by putting up such good showings against Milwaukee....

Anonymous said...

Every day the Cubs come closer to a pennant is another day closer to the end or the wordl, Repent!

What's the frequency, Kenneth?


EEP said...

Thanks STL. Helping out the cause is always A-OK by me.

Anonymous said...

Well STL helped out the Cubs last night. I was hoping LaRussa would help out the Brewers a bit. You know it is bad times in STL when you hear an announcer say "In steps Kelly Stinnett with the bases loaded."

Turbo said...

Rockies 1 back for wildcard, with worst ownership in baseball. What's next, cats and dogs living together? Mass hysteria?

Anonymous said...

This is the CUBS year and Illini!!!!
Ned Yost cost the Brewers that game last night by throwing at Pujols.


JB Powers said...

I am wondering if Tony LaRussa could drink one of Jan Schanafelts famous Bloody Mary's from the Depot. Jan would doctor them up with at least 25% Beef Broth (in addition to 50% Vodka). Is that a violation of Tony's vegetarianism?

EEP said...

Ryan Dempster is so awful. Count on anywhere from 1-4 runs given up any time he pitches. AWFUL.

Getting swept by the Marlins at this time of year....I just can't even comment.

White's Repair (aka: Irish Circle) would have dominated Dempster and company.

EEP said...

Good observation re: Cincinati by Bill Murray:

"I've never been to Cincinnati, and I was trying to keep that record intact," Murray said. "But I may have to go."

Some say the Cubs wouldn't be the same lovable team if they won the World Series, a notion Murray dismissed.

"I don't accept that," he said. "That's sick thinking. You've got to watch out for people like that."

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