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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Till Tuesday

As I cannot bring anyone (including myself) to write a full obituary of the late WH Toohill, I'll pass along a few notes.

1) The Toohill family has requested that Tuesday be celebrated at Hughsday on (and in all of the Village, if you are up for it), honoring Huey and his legacy. The Board of Wapella Historians was unanimous on this one. Tuesday is Hughsday and all Huey all the time.

2) If you are harvesting, it will wait a few days. There is a Rosary and Wake for Huey in Granite City at 4:30 till ??. Come on down and pay your respects.

3) I have an old testimonial from about 1990, from playing basketball at Fell Park in Bloomington, in a (pretty good) game featuring 3 Sons of St. Patrick's from Wapella vs. 3 guys from Illinois Wesleyan. After the match, one of the IWU guys came over and asked Dennis Toohill, "Do you have a brother who lives in town?" Dennis replied "I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters in town", to which the IWU man said, "Does one of them flip pizza at Micheleo's"? DIT somewhat hesitantly stated "uh...yeah". Awestruck, the Titan got a gleam in his eye, extended his hand, and said "Your brother is Huey Toohill: The man is totally cool".

Which is a phrase I'm sure has been repeated over and over again by the thousands of people who knew WH Toohill.

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