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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Fond Memories

This story sure brings back some memories

NORTH KINGSTOWN, Rhode Island (AP) -- A man has been charged with extorting more than $20,000 from his elderly mother by repeatedly threatening to kidnap her beloved cat and demanding ransom, police said.
Garry Lamar, 47, was arrested Friday and released on $200 bail. He has been ordered to stay away from his 78-year-old mother, Mary Lamar Grancher.
He started threatening to kidnap the cat just over a year ago, after his mother kicked him out of her home, accusing him of abuse, North Kingstown Police Sgt. Daniel Ormond said.
"This isn't just a family cat," Ormond said. "She actually called this cat her companion since she lived alone."
During the past year, Lamar allegedly kidnapped the cat once and made kidnapping threats on an almost weekly basis, Ormond said. Police don't believe the cat was harmed but are continuing to investigate.
Grancher made at least two dozen payments totaling more than $20,000 in cash and checks to her son. Authorities are still sorting through her financial records to determine the precise amount.
A phone listing for Lamar couldn't be located. Court officials said Tuesday it was unclear whether he had an attorney.

It seems like just yesterday during the L&M Toohill's Hog Farm closeout sale that our own local Lamar, Sir Frank Lamar (represented here by a photo of Rollie Fingers), was charged with kidnapping L&M's loyal dog Butch, only to return Butch a short time later, in what appeared to be a misunderstanding over just what was and what not for sale at the closeout auction. Said Lamar, "I honestly thought I paid a fair price for the mutt, who would have known how much L&M valued him". No charges were filed, and Butch appeared to be much happier upon his return than he was on the way out.

An eanest reader asks..How many of Wapella's citizens have considered pet kidnapping? How many have successfully performed the act? Have any extorted money from the pet's owner? Does the name Lamar have anything to do with this new, and obviously rampant pathology? If you could kidnap a pet, who would it be? Why?

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