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Monday, December 1, 2008

Get out Your TI-30; A Mildly Interesting Quiz

Here's a quiz for all you good people, and you folks from Wapella too.

What is the largest municipality in Illinois that is not located on a State or Federal Highway (or adjacent to a Federal Interstate Highway)? To be located on a highway, the municipality must be
within 2 miles of the road.

For example, Wapella is located on US 51, so it is disqualified. Mt. Auburn is about 6 miles south of US 36, so it counts. At 515 residents, I'll start with Mt. Auburn as the leader.

What is the largest municipality in Illinois not located on a Highway? My guess would be something along a railroad, but have at it.


Anonymous said...

I'll guess Waynesville. Why do I need my TI-30?


JB Powers said...

TI-30 is so you actually calculate rather than guess.


jmk said...

I would have to say the town of Saybrook, pop. 750, should be really really close to falling into this category.

Anonymous said...

I must be slow today. I can see how one might need a ruler to lay on a map. But I don't see the need for a calculator. Please enlighten me..


JB Powers said...


You are free to use any computational tool at your disposal, but so far you do not have the correct answer.

Perhaps application of the minus and equals keys on the TI-30 would show the population of Saybrook to be greater than that of Waynesville.

There must be others. Many happy subtractions!

reynoldz21 said...

My best guess, Loami, pop 804? sw of Springfield!

Righteous Dan said...

Does the municipality count if the highway ends on the outskirts of town?

JB Powers said...

2 Miles or more from municipality limits.


North of Wapella said...

I looked at a few river towns on the map, but none were larger than Loami. Interesting quiz.

EEP said...

North of Wapella, you'll be glad to see this quiz continues into part 2 above. I can see why - I haven't been so purely entertained since Cop and a Half.

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