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Monday, May 5, 2008

RIP Jim Hager

Jim Hager, one of the fan-favorite Hager Twins, of Hee-Haw and country music fame, has died at age 66. Hager, a Park Ridge Illinois, Maine East Graduate joined Hee-Haw in 1969 and between Jim and his brother Jon, received more fan mail than any other show performer.

Jim Hager's career, well documented by included guitar playing, comedy, vocals, more comedy, drumming, teen heart-throbbery, a dash of politics, outdoor sports and clayshooting, and a general good nature that made his brand of entertainment so popular in Hog City.

"When you know someone as long as I knew him, you get to know the soul of the man," said LuLu Roman, a longtime Hee Haw cast member who has known the brothers for nearly 30 years. "And he was a good soul that will be dearly, dearly missed."


Anonymous said...

are they identical? name any more famous identical twins in the biz? bbd

EEP said...

The Barbie Twins

Anonymous said...

The Nelson twins? Were they identical?

Anonymous said...

Did the Hagers go to school with HR Clinton?

How about b-day wishes to Julia P Simonton?


Anonymous said...

Mohave Jewel - makin it happen! --- bbd

Anonymous said...

Did the twins steal Martin E's sideburn fashion trend?


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