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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fishing legend comes to Bloomington

An alert Alabaman Wildcat was kind enough to pass along this story from the Pantagraph:

“There’s nothing haphazard in nature, but humans,” said Winkelman, 58, who will share his insights at this weekend’s Illinois Fish & Feather Expo in Bloomington on Saturday. The event runs Friday through Sunday at the Interstate Center and will feature seminar speakers, boat and tackle dealers, resort representatives and guides.

I'll take a bit of an issue with Winkelman's natural sciences observations (come on Babe, do you really think dogs, for example, are not a bit haphazard? I have yet to see a dog fill out a job application, do retirement planning, build a house that would last more than a day or two), but I cannot argue with his entertainment and sporting values. The man is a legend for good reason, he earned his stripes over 30 years on TV outdoor shows and selling associated products.

Who is going to Bloomington to see the Babe?


Anonymous said...

Has Winkelman ever cast his line on the great Lake Clinton?


Anonymous said...

IRBW, not sure. But I do know that BBD thought he was dating one of Babe's cousins.


BEP said...

He doesn't look at all like Beth. Re the dog diabribe, have you ever seen a Mississippi Leg Hound in action? What about your "Great Canines of Hog City" post some time back?


Anonymous said...

If the babe were in drag he would look a bit like donald winkleman

Anonymous said...

Or if donald wore a phony mustasche and beard he would look like babe

EEP said...

I learned more from Don W. than possibly any other person my entire life. Maybe one day when I publish my memoirs, the world will see what a genius he is. Seriously.

BEP said...

So Sonny, what did Don learn from YOU???


Anonymous said...


Ask not what you can do for Don W., rather, what can Don W. do for you!


Anonymous said...

I'll try to get to see if Don can do a guest spot on word on the street is that he was a guest usher today at Mass. bbd

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