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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

No Jive Turkey

We know Wapella is still reeling from the decision not to have the St.
Pat's Turkey Dinner, but in an attempt to ease the pain, in steps Anne
Roesch Leischner with some good news:

This just in from the Altar and Rosary Society: in lue of the turkey
dinner (may she rest in peace until resurrected) there are plans to host
a summer fish fry the same weekend as Wapalooza. So, readers, all is NOT
lost, and kudos to the A and R Society and Anne L. for this bit of
uplifting news. Get your summer schedules planned, and make the sojourn
back to Wapella Summer of 2008 for a fish fry/Wapalooza weekend.

P.S: efforts are still going to be made to revive the turkey dinner and
the Cornbread and Bean festival.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it called "wapapalooza"?

EEP said...

Always with the negative comments. Sheesh.

As BEP is fond of saying, "I'd rather light a candle than curse your darkness."

Get wiht it, anon. Get positive.

Anonymous said...

Best news I've heard all week!

DIT For 3 said...

As a lowly former resident of Irish Row, I would like to challenge Wapella townies to a football game. Thanksgiving morning at Powers Park - 9AM. We'll settle this once and for all.

EEP said...

That won't be much of a challenge. The Finger brothers (townies) singlehandedly beat up on everyone at Powers Field last time I was there.

MrToohillbeef said...

As a lowly current resident of Irish row I am with ya uncle.
I am wondering if anyone out there remembers the FFA tug of wars in 92-93 where each and every time the townies walked away shamed with cut hands and tears as the victorious corn fed farm boys gave high fives with there strong leather like paws.

You’re going down you inner-hog- city sissies (sorry I haven't talked trash in while it feels good)

EEP said...

Yikes. I have a terrible mental image of the farm boys locked in uncomfortable hugs (like Rocky and Apollo on the beach in Rocky III) complete with celebratory Indian burns with those manly, calloused, leathery hand of theirs...

Anonymous said...

DIT was a NSB at Powers Park last Turkey Day. Glad to hear you are back in the fold. Last year's recap - the Wick brothers were out in force. Jay recreated his famous run like Franco Harris. Cal was there with his steely eyed leadership. Family Nelson led by Donny "Pump Fake" Nelson and one of the kings of the front yard, Thomas Mollet and family. I think the fastest man in Wapella made an appearence - Billy Williams went deep for 6 on the mod himself. A pretty good crew last year. BBD (I like talking about myself in 3rd person) cannot make it down for the game this year but will leave it in the hands of DIT and JMP. Peace be with you, bbd

dit 4 3 said...

Also with you, BBD. Weather & circumstances permitting Team I Row will be there. May need to recruit some players from the Beets, they know how to handle the tail-gunner.

Anonymous said...

How about a round of applause for the Illini marching into Columbus and and knocking off the #1 team in the country! OSKEE WOW WOW! It hasn't happened since 1956 that the football program took out #1.


Anonymous said...

Where does the Bible say that God is the author?

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