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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shameless Nepotism

I am not so sure it is nepotistic when it is your Third Cousin once removed running for office. I don't know how Layne Toohill and I could be any less related than that, so per the guidelines of the Wapella Board of Historians, this shameless plug is perfectly acceptable

Layne Toohill is running for Baby Idol on a 107.7FM Radio contest, as a cute baby. That is undeniable! Vote early and often, Chicago Style, but I think it is only via Facebook here

Here is the link, I think you have to be a Facebook user to vote...this election only. For example, in the general election for Governor, you don't have to be a Facebook user etc. Vote Layne!

Update: A heads up for those who like to vote on these such matters. You must click the Thumbs Up LIKE button for 107.7, then you can go on to click again for the individual photo for Layne (again with a Thumbs Up LIKE button). Well worth the effort!

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