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Friday, December 18, 2009

Good Day For A Long Tall Glass of Leo Sayer

Big Tip of the Rock and Roll Glass to AJW who just purchased a (disputably short) copy of The Very Best of Leo Sayer. Sayer has been on the charts in the UK for 4 decades now, with his good time rock and roll (maybe not for his good hair and good looks).

Sayer hit the USA with a few hits and the steely determination to make it big back in 1973 prompting one Wildcat now living in Downer's Grove to shoot with

Just purchased and not just because of Leo’s hair or his fabulous shoes. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing, When I Need You, More Than I Can Say…… doesn’t get any better.


Anonymous said...

great video -----who does Leo's choreography? bbd

Anonymous said...

Where is the story about the Jonas Brother wedding? Didn't the Irish Rover cover it? What about the teacher taking the choir to Hooters?

Pretty lax reporting.


Wild Rover said...

Was too busy looking up and down slim girl's rears.

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