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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Belated Happy Birthday to The EEP

Charter member of the Wapella Board of Historians and an editor of, Mr. EEP is celebrating his 35th birthday a day late if he waits for it to be announced here.

Congrats EEP, a cup of Zima for you.

HT to one of Wapella's finest; Jimmy Murphy for this catch...
Uh... Don't you mean Happy 36th Birthday. 1973 right?


Anonymous said...

Best belated Birthday Wishes to Sonny D. We'll toast you at the next film festival meeting.


Anonymous said...

Zow! Happy B-day.
Party at Rosie's Friday night for the charter member.


Anonymous said...

I'll be there guys. I may need a driver.

Sam Sheppard

EEP said...

As IRBW notes, we will be at Rosie's Friday night if anyone wants to drop by.

Keynote Speaker: Roland Burris.
Keynote Performer: Shannon Tweed

Anonymous said...

Dear Sonny,

I am really put out that I wasn't invited to speak at the soiree tomorrow night. My wife will be providing listings of great Chicago properties.



Anonymous said...

Uh... Don't you mean Happy 36th Birthday. 1973 right?

Jim Murphy

EEP said...

I'll take 35 any time, Murphy.

'Wall said...

Happy Birthday to quite possibly the greatest man on earth!

hrm72 said...

Happy Birthday King! Whiskey and Rumplemint shots are on me tonight!
Kidding, kidding, as much as you do like them . . . haha


P.S. Never forget, you are only 3 months younger than me.

Anonymous said...

I'll be there tonight. After today I have a lot of free time on my hands.


millz said...

Aaaahhh, 36 what a very young age...happy belated birthday EEP. I was in Vegas for the porn show...I mean CES and didn't have time to log-on. I owe you a drink when I catch up with you in Hog City.

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