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Friday, September 12, 2008

New Advertiser: Kellog's Rice Krispies

Had some this morning, still as good as they were in 1964. Snap! Crackle! Pop! with the then up and coming band borrowing a few Chuck Berry's to sweeten this commercial theme. For 0 points what is the name of the band playing the jingle?


sempleman said...

That would be the one and only Mick and the Boys, otherwise known as the Rolling Stones (it kinda gives it away at the end of the video, tho).
For a collection of 8 CDs of stuff in the same vein, check this out:

Anonymous said...

Kuods to the Kellogs ad executives. Perhaps this explains my mid 1960s taste for RK, which was then my favorite breakfast food.


Anonymous said...

Is Purdue pubic or private?

Anonymous said...


Why did you abandon RK for steel-cut oatmeal?


JB Powers said...

Purdue=Public School.

Land grant university, lots of Federal Funding, probably more than IU gets, perhaps one of the highest Federal Funding levels in the country for a public school, as they have a lot of NSF stuff going there.


JB Powers said...

That should read

JBP Purdue '93

Anonymous said...


I have found steel cut oat-based oatmeal to provide a more satisfying start to the day than the airy RKs. There's just more substance and less air. My marketing suggestion is for the oat industry to hire Mick Jagger and crew.


Anonymous said...

You tube

Ocean Colour Scene 'I Told You So'

Anonymous said...

That is pretty cool music considering I have never heard of that band.

EEP said...

Ocean Colour Scene are an excellent British band. Small Faces/Who with a healthy does of solo Paul Weller worship.

In fact, their founder/guitar player, Steve Craddock, plays for Weller's band, who I just saw at House of Blues last night. FIVE STAR show. Lots of classics from The Jam and Weller's solo career as well as a finale of "All You Need is Love." Awesome stuff.

Anonymous said...

EEP you are the best!

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