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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Help Identify this Man

Larry David was on a pro-am ski tournament Saturday, in between football games, I switched over to see some amusing skiing featuring celebrities with varying degrees of talent. Larry was awful, skiing much like myself, and let wail a diatribe at the cameras after finishing that was totally inappropriate for a charity event, but in character for his curmudgeonly persona.

The list of celebrities included Buzz Aldrin, Carlos Bernard, Larry David, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Susie Essman, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chris Kennedy, Kerry Kennedy, Maxwell Kennedy, Rory Kennedy, Sheila Kennedy and Patrick Warburton...though I noticed the man pictured below, the Funkhouser character from the Larry David show, Curb Your Enthusiasm. Funkhouser is played by Bob Einstein, who has been performing since being a comedy performer on the "Cher" variety show.

Yet, most people know Bob Einstein as his most famous character. Take a look at the picture, and tell me, what was Bob Einstein's most famous role...which was a very popular and inspiring show in Wapella, as many people dressed like Einstein's character.

Here is Super Dave Osborne with Fuji. Thanks to everyone who participated in the quiz.


Anonymous said...


Moderator said...

That is the fastest contest winner in history.


Anonymous said...

The question was too easy.

Will somebody please talk dirty about Tina Turner?

BTW another frequent contributor to this fabulous web site has suggested an adults only section to Is there by chance anything in the works?


Dallas-Based Wildcat said...

And who is Super Dave's famous brother?

EEP said...

Super Dave was indeed instrumental in Wildcat lives. He is nearly as good as Marty Funkhouser on Curb, too.

His younger brother is none other than Albert Brooks.

Ann said...

Comments look great. Clear, crisp and easy to read.

Anonymous said...

Any relation to former Wapella School Supt Scott Funkhouser? I believe Mr. F was the only supt in Hog City history to have the job twice. A veritable Billy Martin of education.


JB Powers said...

Who was interim between the two Funkhouser terms? Where did he go?


Anonymous said...

Robert Kirk

Anonymous said...

Hey Good Looking (AW), we just got our privileges
back. Let's try to be good until after Christmas.


BEP said...

Mr. Kirk went to Normal.


EEP said...

I'd just like to echo the fact that Al is good looking.

JB Powers said...

Where did Mr. Funkhouser go in the interim?

Anonymous said...

I'm not good looking, I just have great hair. DIT and his nephew Carl T. were always the best looking guys in Dewitt Cty.

For fear our privileges might be taken away again, I'll refrain from any Dolly Parton comments.


Anonymous said...

I'm 100% with Al. Stop with old WHS superintendent nostalgia. Lets talk about Tina, Dolly and Ms. Montana. Al- Tina is another one that has aged nicely. BBD - I'll raid ST's pictures for DOLLYWOOD xmas card. RJT

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